Jen accepts a handful of select invitations for missional events as well as in-house events on the habits of the Christian faith.

If you’re interested to learn more:

1. Watch Jen’s speaking video (below).
2. Read her FAQs (below).
3. Fill out a form (below).
4. Wait to hear from Jen or a member of her team about her availability and interest.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does Jen travel?

    Jen travels for a handful of select invitations. She flies competitive coach rates out of Toronto. She does not take engagements requiring her to be away on Sundays. 

  • How much does Jen charge?

    In addition to travel, lodging, and food, she tries to consider travel requirements as well as the extent of on-the-ground responsibilities to determine a fee. Feel free to discuss your budget with Jen and her team.

  • Does Jen travel with books?

    She doesn't travel with books, although they can be easily purchased at her author discount, shipped to your event, and returned for reimbursement. You might consider providing books for your attendees, either as part of the ticket price or for purchase. In the US, contact Kathryn Chapek at InterVarsity (moc.sserpvi%40kepahck). In Canada, contact Parasource (moc.ecruosarap%40vrestsuc).

  • What topics does Jen speak on?

    She doesn't want to pretend to be an expert on everything, so she's most comfortable speaking on the topics found in her books and other published writing. If you’re looking to book a retreat, she's specifically created 3-session retreats for each of her books. (Retreat overviews are available upon request.) If there is a specific topic you have in mind for your event, please indicate it on the form.

  • Does Jen have speaking samples?

    A talk entitled, “Spiritual Habits for Busy People,” is available on her website. You can also just google Jen.

  • Does Jen do book signings?

    Yes, please!

Thank you again for your interest in having Jen speak at your event. Please fill out the form below to contact her. She and her team prayerfully considers each invitation. If she is unable to attend your event, Jen is happy to suggest other potential speakers.

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Jen Pollock Michel


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