An easy-to-use guide for cultivating regular spiritual practices.

Is it possible to practice your way into faith?

“You get what you repeat,” James Clear writes in his bestselling book, Atomic Habits. This principle of repetition is true for our physical health—and it’s also true for the life of faith. Sometimes going through the motions is the best way forward. 

What to Expect

Habit is at the center of human behavior. We are formed by the repetitive motions of our lives, whether we know it or not. In fact, if we inventoried our daily habits, we would discover what we most value. You’re invited to join Jen on a 5-day journey that explores how faith can grow into a habit that transforms your life. You’ll receive:


A 5-day email series to explore the importance and practice of key spiritual habits.


A reusable template to guide you in your daily habits of Bible reading, prayer, and self-reflection.


An exclusive invitation to the next live Q&A where Jen will answer your questions about daily faith habits.


A 40-day Bible reading experience for the CONVINCED and the CURIOUS.

There is a persistent idea today that we’ve grown out of religion like a child grows out of shoes. If we’ve discovered quarks and mapped the human genome, can’t we finally be rid of primitive superstitions about God and the afterlife?
Living in one of the world’s most secular cities, Jen Pollock Michel understands the apprehensions people have about the Bible and Christianity.
Wherever you are in your journey of faith, join Jen as she takes readers on a 40-day pilgrimage through the Old Testament book of Deuteronomy and the New Testament Gospel of John to understand what it means to see, live, love, know, and obey in the life of faith.
A Habit Called Faith is available wherever books are sold.


What Others Are Saying About A Habit Called Faith

Jennie Allen

New York Times bestselling author of Get Out of Your Head, founder and visionary of IF:Gathering

Reading A Habit Called Faith could be one of the best things you do this year.

Rebekah Lyons

Bestselling author of Rhythms of Renewal and You Are Free

A forty-day experience that will forever change the root of the readers’ faith.

Scott Sauls

Senior pastor of Christ Presbyterian Church in Nashville, Tennessee, and author of Jesus Outside the Lines and A Gentle Answer

In an age like ours . . . I can’t think of a more needed book.

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